We are engaged in the creation of stands at exhibitions, trade fairs, congresses and events throughout Europe. Each calendar year we construct thousands of square meters of stands according to the wishes and requirements of our clients. We work with direct contractors as well as foreign and Czech agencies.

We take care of the whole process from the very beginning – we recommend an exhibition, design the stand, approve a stand with the organizer, construct the stand, assemble it, provide the graphics, equip it with furniture, audiovisual equipment, lighting and arrange everything necessary for a comfortable and enjoyable event. Of course, services are also provided during the event, transport promotional materials to the site, storage of your stand for another exhibition and many other services.

As one of the few stand construction companies we have our own production – carpenters, locksmiths, a graphic workshop and large warehouses. Our production halls cover more than 1000 m2, and thanks to this space you will find everything you need in one place!

We guarantee a high standard of work and high-quality materials

Original, interesting and functionally designed exhibition stands


We pay full attention to every order

We guarantee trouble-free creation of exhibition stands

Have you been looking for a supplier for your exhibition stand? You do not have to anymore!

We will help you with its complete delivery - from design to production to construction and disassembly!